The Beer

The big cat of craft is all about relaxing. Never having to worry
about losing his stripes while on safari. 


Full bodied, effervescent ale with lashings of tropical fruit notes from a new experimental hop variety. Guava, Pawpaw and Grapefruit overtones leap out of the glass for a satisfying and refreshing finish.

In setting out to craft Easy Tiger, the mission was simple – create a full flavoured beer that doesn’t skimp on the aromatics or texture, but make it sessionable.

So sessionable in fact that you can’t even tell the difference between beers with booze and this smooth operator that doesn’t discriminate.

After all, it’s all about doing you.

So now whether you have a bbq and you gotta drive, don’t feel like getting tiddly or just feel like maxing and relaxing – the big cat of craft has got your back.



No need to get lost in the jungle. Here’s where you can get your claws on a carton.

Catch a tiger

The big cat of craft

Introducing Easy Tiger.

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